Case Studies

fourstar-connections-time-to-market-coverSuccess Story 1:

“Time to Market”

  • Early engagement
  • Fast-turn
  • Program management
  • Path to lower cost solution
  • Entrepreneurial know how

Fourstar participated in a major contract manufacturing capital equipment build-out that deployed 20-plus container-size remote data centers. Our program management skills, combined with early engagement with our customer, enabled us to fast-track the design, First Article approval, and production ramp to support this multimillion-dollar program. Fourstar supplied a range of cable and complex wire harnessing: 30 AWG to 4/0 AWG and Metal Clad cable and electro-mechanical assemblies. Product design to full production was accomplished over a 4-6 month period. Fourstar utilized multiple manufacturing locations and customer onsite manufacturing services to keep the program on time and within budget.

Success Story 2:

XL Hybrids: Design for Manufacturing Case Study


Design for manufacturing (DFM) is a core capability of Fourstar Connections. This case study discusses a recent DFM project we completed that involved automotive electric connectors.

XL Hybrids contacted Fourstar to help build high-voltage AC and DC cable kits for an automotive aftermarket hybrid-electric conversion kit.

Download the XL Hybrids Case Study

Success Story 3:

“Time To Market: Samtec Case Study”


A Samtec customer on a tight production timeline found itself in a bind when, already in the testing phase, they discovered a PESS cable needed shielding and a ground in order to meet EMI requirements.

Samtec referred that customer to Fourstar solutions, and through developing a custom cable solution in a truncated time-frame, the customer was able to meet the time-to-market deadline and avoid a costly redesign.

Download the Samtec Case Study

Success Story 4:

“Successful Design for Manufacturability Collaboration with Ambri, Inc”


Ambri, a visionary leader in developing and commercializing the Liquid Metal Battery electricity storage technology with global transformative relevance, engaged Fourstar to urgently manufacture Ambri’s System Test Stand (STS) Balancing Boxes, which provide system connectivity and monitoring of vital system functionality.

Find out all of the details of this successful DFM collaboration between Fourstar and Ambri in the case study.

Download the Ambri Case Study