Tom Barczak

Tom Barczak, Vice President of Operations at Fourstar, is responsible for operational excellence and supply-chain management. He brings over 30 years of experience in the electro-mechanical manufacturing field, with a passion for optimizing human capital, manufacturing techniques, and supplier relationships.

Before coming to Fourstar in 2015, Tom held the title of VP of Operations at L-com Global Connectivity. For 12 years he helped transform L-com from a small, value-added operation to a leading manufacturer of connectivity components. During his tenure, he moved to China with his family and successfully set up three separate business units with over 300 employees.

Tom holds a degree in quality management and describes himself as a “hands-on professional who leads by example.” Prior positions in his career include Manufacturing Manager, Quality Manager, Quality Engineer, and Supplier Engineer, which give Tom a unique perspective and understanding at many levels within the industry. Prior employers include Analogic, Optronics/Intergraph, General Electric, and Gould/Modicon.

Away from work, Tom enjoys time with his wife, Yaquelin, and family at his camp in New Hampshire, as well as at their family farm in the Dominican Republic. He also likes getting his hands dirty, doing renovations to his home and working on his antique cars. His charity of choice is the Salvation Army. Tom is now back in the USA full time, and as an avid cyclist, he looks forward to returning to the various charity bike rides he has participated in over the years.