Take a closer look at how you can find a better way with Fourstar Connections through some of the solutions we provide in these downloads:

leanHow to Start Lean Manufacturing Improvements in Your Factory

Lean principles can be adopted at any stage of an operation or a company’s maturity level in terms of long-held practices and processes. This eBook offers actionable tips from over 20 years’ expertise with on-the-ground lean practices—implemented successfully.

Find out what abilities and potential already exist in your organization and motivate your team to get lean.

Yes, I Want to Make My Factory Lean!

Time_To_Mkt_Samtec_CaseStudy_FINAL-1Successful Design for Manufacturability Collaboration with Ambri, Inc.

Ambri, a visionary leader in developing and commercializing the Liquid Metal Battery electricity storage technology with global transformative relevance, engaged Fourstar to urgently manufacture Ambri’s System Test Stand (STS) Balancing Boxes, which provide system connectivity and monitoring of vital system functionality.

Find out all of the details of this successful DFM collaboration between Fourstar and Ambri in the case study.

Download the Ambri Case Study

thumbnail-1Reshoring Manufacturing Is Closer than You Think!

If you’ve been considering bringing your custom cable assembly or wire harnessing production closer to home, you aren’t alone. Many companies are choosing to move some or all of their operations closer to home.

This comprehensive eBook walks you through all the elements you need to consider when contemplating reshoring. This eBook also provides a step-by-step plan for a successful reshoring transition.

Download the Reshoring eBook 



In 2013, Columbia Tech needed a prototype for a massive cloud computing center. DCI Engineering, the design and prototype arm of parent corporation Coghlin Companies, turned to Fourstar Connections to help develop a solution. This partnership generated more than 500 individual configurations of cable and electro-mechanical assemblies, and resulted in the deployment of 39 mobile data centers.

Download the Columbia Tech Case Study


Design for manufacturing (DFM) is a core capability of Fourstar Connections. This case study discusses a recent DFM project we completed that involved automotive electric connectors.

XL Hybrids contacted Fourstar to help build high-voltage AC and DC cable kits for an automotive aftermarket hybrid-electric conversion kit.

Download the XL Hybrids Case Study

Time_To_Mkt_Samtec_CaseStudy_FINAL-1SAMTEC CASE STUDY:

A Samtec customer on a tight production timeline found itself in a bind when, already in the testing phase, they discovered a PESS cable needed shielding and a ground in order to meet EMI requirements.

Samtec referred that customer to Fourstar solutions, and through developing a custom cable solution in a truncated time-frame, the customer was able to meet the time-to-market deadline and avoid a costly redesign.

Download the Samtec Case Study


View Corporate Video Now

Fourstar Connections takes pride in investing intellectual capital, time and resources to solve manufacturing challenges and turn concepts into a reality.

In this video, watch as Phil Holman, President and Owner, takes you behind the scenes at the Fourstar Connections facilities and inside the philosophy and guiding principles of the company.

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fourstar-6-steps-to-npi-success-ebookGET YOUR NPI EBOOK NOW:

A New Product Introduction can be a daunting, and planning itself can become overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. This comprehensive NPI eBook takes you step-by-step through the 6 vital stages of a successful NPI  – from initial planning to launch and beyond.

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