Purchase Order & RFQ request Guidelines

We have the ability to quote per customer documentation, a sketch, sample and / or a combination of all. Below is a request list for information that will enable us to accurately and expeditiously process your requests for quotation. Please provide with your RFQ.

  • Drawing (preference is PDF or AutoCAD)
  • BOM with manufacturer’s part numbers and / or AVL component specifications (preference is excel document)
  • Regulatory Requirements; [RoHS Compliancy, ITAR, UL, CSA]
  • Can we use or substitute equivalent parts? [Yes, Yes with approval, No build to print]
  • Do you require a first article and are there any first article requirements that you want to define?
  • Who is the point of contact to address any technical questions that might arise during the quoting process?
  • Part # and / or assembly #
  • Revision
  • Quantity (S)
  • Delivery request

  • All RFQs should be emailed to rfq@fourstarconnections.com
  • All purchase orders should be sent to your Customer Service Representative & when appropriate referencing our quote number