New Product Introduction

Fourstar engages with you early in the design process to optimize new product introduction (NPI) quality, efficiency, and performance. We offer expert cable assembly engineering services, and in partnership with your design team, can help you select the appropriate connector families and wire and cable styles to meet all regulatory and workmanship standards, such as RoHS compliance and IPC-620B.

Collaborating with Fourstar


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No doubt you have vetted all the variables for your concept launch and scope. During your business and market analysis (only one of many crucial steps required to get your product from inception to delivery), you may have discovered you need help through the development and manufacturing stages of the new product introduction process.

Fourstar is aware that each step is integrally linked to its predecessor and is as critical as the next. Projections like cost-effective production and assembly can’t even be considered if product concept is not vetted at the onset or later, validated during testing.

As you plan your resources, Fourstar can help you to identify outsourcing, collaborative, low-cost opportunities.

Business & Marketing Analysis

Companies often need help with their NPI for different reasons. Consider Fourstar as you answer the following:


  • Is your design schematic on paper, or still in your head? Need help drafting it? Is it time to outsource?


  • Can you make the prototype in-house? Do you prefer or need to outsource?


  • Are the resources and manufacturing materials available in-house? Are you introducing new materials or resources into your supply chain?

Development and Manufacturing for NPI

Once you get to this phase in your new product introduction process, you may have realized that you want a solutions provider like Fourstar to collaborate with you to bring your new product to market. As your outsourcing partner, Fourstar will keep your new product development process on schedule and to specifications.

Some considerations of the development and manufacturing step of the new product development process are:

  • Know all of your critical processes and material/tooling requirements
  • Assess internal expertise and leverage it against your need to outsource for specialty disciplines
  • Analyze your capacity to meet all regulatory compliances—especially new ones if entering a new market
  • Ensure your design meets design for manufacturing (DFM) requirements

Our team can advise you on products conducive to advanced manufacturing processes such as fully automated lead processing and inkjet printing for wire identification. Designing in these parameters from project inception ensures the highest reliability and product performance, and enables you to maintain an optimal price point.

Fourstar has helped a variety of OEMs launch successful new product introductions. We’d love to help you find a better way for your next NPI initiative.

Fourstar Connections NEMA box build

Fourstar NEMA Box Build



Samtec Full line of connectors, installed on cables that are fully customized to your product requirements, including the use of other industry standard connector content in the design. Samtec is the service leader in the electronic interconnect industry, and in conjunction with Fourstar as their value added reseller, we provide fast, cost effective interconnect solutions and Samtec cable assemblies using Samtec content.
rel_cicoil We can help you select a custom designed raw cable that can flex millions of cycles, with content such as air lines and Cat5E cables. These cables also operate in extreme hot and cold, high vibration and clean room medical applications with high reliability. Once the raw cable design is established, Fourstar provides the flex cable with all the connectors installed and fully tested.
EXM Manufacturing Ltd We offer industry standard and fully customized NEMA rated enclosures. EXM’s website allows OEM’s to design custom enclosures, by uploading CAD files and answering basic design questions. Once defined, the enclosures can be manufactured in small quantities for prototyping, or in high quantities using a fully automated manufacturing process. Fourstar can assist you in the design phase and provide the custom enclosure, wired and tested, as a full turnkey box build solution.
Cobra Products Inc www.cobraties. com Cobra is the lowest low profile nylon cable tie available on the market. Our patented “cobra” locking device fits snug to the bundle, looks great and keeps you safe. The ultimate low profile cable tie, Cobra offers superior tensile strength and robust quality that lasts.
L-Com L-com is a global leader in the manufacture of Ethernet cable, coaxial cable, data cable, coaxial connectors, adapters, Wifi booster, and HyperLink brand antennas. L-com offers a wide range of solutions and unrivaled customer service for the electronics and data communications industries.
Weidmueller We provide competitive pricing on Din Rail mounted content inside your enclosures, which complements our ability to provide complex internal harnessing, installed to provide a full turnkey box build solution.