Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Relationship: Cicoil

Fostering Successful Partnerships

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cicoil_logoAs a solutions-based contract manufacturing company for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other manufacturing companies, Fourstar promotes its VAR program to foster successful partnerships and projects. Fourstar’s robust in-house contract manufacturing capabilities and extensive resources provide OEMs with a comprehensive range of solutions to meet their interconnect requirements. Combine this with the strength and depth that the VAR program adds to collective core competencies, and you will receive service and solutions that exceed expectations.
We first pursued formalized VAR relationships with manufacturers in 2012. Since then, our initiatives have grown and have produced very successful outcomes for our partners and for the end-user customer. Manufacturers seek out VAR relationships when they have production requirements that may fall outside their specific expertise, physical manufacturing capabilities, or general scope of work. Fourstar’s substantial internal capability enables us to add content to our collaborations with leading industry specialists, making us a dependable value-added reseller that can provide the ultimate, high-level solution for customers.

dual shielded cable photoVAR Program Benefits

  • Pricing discounts
  • Co-op advertising
  • Reciprocal customer referrals
  • Stock discounts
  • Cross-promotional and collaborative advantages
  • Dock-to-stock inventory management solutions
  • Supply chain management resources and expertise
  • Procurement, design engineering, program management, and production expertise
  • High-level, timely, and innovative solutions

Case in Point with Cicoil

Cicoil shielded signal cable photo_002Cicoil is a custom manufacturer of extruded Flexx-Sil™ cables. Their raw cables address applications for ultra-high flex and extreme environments and temperatures. The cable is available in unlimited variations from 4 AWG to 44 AWG, and can include other content such as tubing, optics, and coax. Cicoil also specializes in termination of these cables for high reliability, mil-spec applications.

Cicoil Coax Cable Press Release photoFor commercial applications, Cicoil has partnered with strategically located Value Added Resellers (VAR) to support their customers’ termination needs. Fourstar is one of Cicoil’s VARs. Through our VAR relationship, Fourstar supports Cicoil customers, providing expertise in the termination of the Cicoil Cables. Fourstar brings 25-plus years of industry leadership in the interconnect business, and can work closely with Cicoil and their customers to provide a turn-key solution to their high-flex or high-reliability cable needs.

Controlled Impedance Cable PhotoBy partnering with Fourstar, Cicoil can provide a more responsive, localized, and intimate support for their customers, while leveraging the core commercial interconnect competencies Fourstar brings to the market. Fourstar has a depth of tooling for wire terminations that can address 80 to 90% of the standard commercial products, and can support compressed time-to-market deadlines.

USB4 Good Reasons to Choose a Cicoil Cable and Fourstar VAR Collaboration

  1. High-flex requirements: Cicoil’s high-flex cables are rated to flex for millions of cycles, with no failures. The termination of the connectors to the cable is equally critical to the life of a cable in a high-flex environment. Fourstar has extensive experience in providing solutions for high-flex cable applications, including proper clamping and connector terminations. Let us provide you with a full, turnkey solution.
  2. High- or low-temperature requirements: The construction of the Cicoil cable using Flexx-Sil™ will meet or exceed the most stringent operating temperature requirements. The temperature rating of the cable is critical, but the overall rating of the final cable configuration is dependent on all components meeting the temperature requirements. Fourstar has extensive experience in specifying components that will meet the temperature requirements of any applications. We can help you select the appropriate connectors to meet your application, and follow that up with construction methods that work in extreme temperature environments.
  3. Extreme operating conditions: Cicoil offers cables with a high-performing Flexx-Sil™ dielectric, high strand count for extreme flexibility, and individually shielded wires where signal integrity is critical to the application. Does your cable need to survive an extreme operating environment? Are you concerned about signal integrity in an environment where there is a critical need to prevent against EMI or RFI that will affect the performance of your cable in a critical application? Fourstar has extensive experience working with customers to eliminate signal integrity concerns, by specifying the correct content, and building the final assembly with well-defined workmanship standards to make sure your cable performs the first time and every time over the life of the product.
  4. Nothing but the best equipment and personnel: The construction of a cable assembly under any of these extreme conditions requires special knowledge and the best wire processing equipment in the business. Fourstar has made a commitment to having the best Schleuniger wire processing equipment available to address and meet any cable construction or workmanship requirement. Besides having all the best equipment, Fourstar has highly-trained personnel that know how to set up and program this equipment to achieve the most consistent results when the application is absolutely critical.

Solve Your Critical Cable Requirement: Cicoil Cable Configurator

If you have not yet defined the raw cable configuration that best meets your application requirements, you can visit the Cicoil website and use the Cable Configurator to help you with this process. Of course, the Cicoil or Fourstar sales engineering personnel are always available to assist you in this process.

If you have already used the Cicoil web-based Cable Configurator to define your raw cable requirements, you are well on your way to your full, turnkey solution. The next step is to forward your cable configuration to the Fourstar sales engineering personnel and we can walk you through the process of completing your final cable configuration.

Through our VAR program partnerships, Fourstar focuses on “finding a better way” for you to grow and expand your potential and reach.

To find out how Fourstar can provide solutions and create new capabilities for your next manufacturing job, contact us for a Prelim Eval to see how we can work together.

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