Var Relationship with Samtec

rel_samtecFostering Successful Partnerships

4_SFSD_Tiger Eye.As a solutions-based contract manufacturing company for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other manufacturing companies, Fourstar promotes its VAR program to foster successful partnerships and projects. Fourstar’s robust in-house contract manufacturing capabilities and extensive resources provide OEMs with a comprehensive range of solutions to meet their interconnect requirements. Combine this with the strength and depth that the VAR program adds to collective core competencies, and you will receive service and solutions that exceed expectations.

We first pursued formalized VAR relationships with manufacturers in 2012. Since then, our initiatives have grown and have produced very successful outcomes for our partners and for the end-user customer. Manufacturers seek out VAR relationships when they have production requirements that may fall outside their specific expertise, physical manufacturing capabilities, or general scope of work. Fourstar’s substantial internal capability enables us to add content to our collaborations with leading industry specialists, making us a dependable value-added reseller that can provide the ultimate, high-level solution for customers.

VAR Program Benefits

  • Pricing discounts
  • Co-op advertising
  • Reciprocal customer referrals
  • Stock discounts
  • Cross-promotional and collaborative advantages
  • Dock-to-stock inventory management solutions
  • Supply chain management resources and expertise
  • Procurement, design engineering, program management, and production expertise
  • High-level, timely, and innovative solutions

Case in Point with Samtec

Founded in 1976, Samtec is a privately held, $613-million global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnect solution blocks, including IC-to-board/ultra-micro, high-speed board-to-board, high-speed cables, future-proof/active optics, flexible stacking, and micro/rugged components and cables. It has special working groups in optics, packaging, cable design, and signal integrity. Samtec is a connector company that puts people first with a commitment to exceptional service, quality products, and convenient tools.


1_MMSD_100 Pitch Mini MateSamtec offers the largest variety of board-to-board interconnects in the industry. Popular applications include high-speed mezzanine and high-density array systems, high-speed edge card and backplane systems, and micro pitch board stacking systems down to 0.40 mm pitch and 1.00 mm stack height. Micro rugged products feature Samtec’s Tiger Eye™ contact system on a variety of pitches, as well as high-power strips and signal/power combo connectors to 60A/blade. Standard board-to-board header and socket systems are available in a variety of pitches, densities, stack heights, and applications.

Cable Systems

Samtec cable assembly products include high-speed assemblies with micro coax or twinax cables. Sealed panel and I/O systems are IP67 and IP68 protected. Also available is a full line of discrete wire, IDC, and FFC cable assemblies, including a broad selection of housings and contacts, as well as hand-tools and semi-automatic applicators.

6 Good Reasons to Choose a Samtec and Fourstar VAR Collaboration

  • 2_PESS-Header_250 Pitch PowerStripPower applications: Samtec offers Power Mate®, PowerStrip™/30 and PowerStrip/40 interconnect systems. These connector families provide a range of solutions from 300 VAC – 600 VAC, 24 AWG – 10 AWG, and per-pin current 5.2 – 34.5 amps. Fourstar has the interconnect wiring expertise to help you develop the appropriate cable assembly to interface, not only to your Samtec power management system, but other industry-standard connectors that may be a part of your system. Fourstar is ready to help you develop and produce a complete turnkey integrated cable assembly or electronic harness solution.
  • Panel Systems: Samtec’s AccliMate™ flexible, sealed circular and rectangular connector offering provides dust and water protection, meeting IP67 and IP68 standards. The connector families offer lightweight, positive latch, dust caps, field termination kits, cable-to-cable and board-to-cable solutions. Fourstar can help you select the appropriate connectors to meet the application, and follow that up with design for manufacturability (DFM) recommendations to meet a range of environmental conditions.
  • Micro/Rugged Systems: Samtec’s Tiger Eye multi-finger, BeCu contact system is ideal for high reliability and high-cycle applications. It is available in 0,80 mm, 1,27 mm, 2,00 mm pitch connector systems. A Samtec-Fourstar solution can provide the interface from the circuit board to I/O panel, and beyond. In addition to Samtec, Fourstar is tooled and has experience working with a wide range of manufacturers: TE, Molex, Hirose, Lemo, etc. When you need to utilize multiple manufacturers’ connectors in the design, Fourstar manufacturing engineers can help configure the assembly to integrate the Samtec connectors and cable with other non-Samtec products to supply a custom, fully-tested cable assembly or wire harness.
  • Nothing but the best equipment and personnel: the construction of a cable assembly, whether processing a Samtec discrete Mini Mate®, power PESS, panel AccliMate, or industry-standard wire harnessing requires special knowledge and the best wire processing equipment in the business. Fourstar has made a commitment to having the best Schleuniger wire processing equipment available to address and meet any cable construction or workmanship requirement. Besides having all the best equipment, Fourstar has highly-trained personnel that know how to set up and program this equipment to achieve the most consistent results when the application is absolutely critical.
  • Customization: when the off the shelf Samtec cable solution is great, but you need it with a twist. Fourstar can take the standard configuration and add shielding, intermix Samtec with non-Samtec connectors, and combine Samtec cable assemblies with other discrete wiring and industry cables to form the custom solution that your application requires.
  • Consultative Resources: Samtec has an experienced group of field sales engineers available to assist with recommendations from their wide range of board-to-board and board-to-cable connector families. Combined with Fourstar’s cable assembly and electro-mechanical manufacturing expertise, you have a resource to help you with new product design and sustaining manufacturing. The Fourstar/Samtec partnership will enable you to customize the cable assembly to your application, shorten design cycle, utilize industry standards such as Cat 5E, DVI, HDMI, RJ45, RS232, RS422, RS485, SCSI, and USB, to name a few. Contact Fourstar to provide the best interconnect solution for your application.

Download the Samtec Case Study

Collaboration that Works

3_S1SS CABLE_Micro Cable AssemblyFourstar has consistently used Samtec cables in diverse configurations and effective assembly applications. Fourstar can customize Samtec’s cables and find the right solution for our mutual customers. Resolving design challenges enables end-customers to avoid complete re-design for a new custom cable assemblies—saving time, money, and resources.

New Tooling Capabilities

Fourstar continues to add to its tooling capabilities as a result of such collaborations and is now tooled on the Samtec .050-, .100-, and .250-inch centerline and 1,00-mm centerline families. Specifically, Fourstar is tooled for contacts in the .050 Pitch Tiger Eye, 28-30 AWG (SFSS, SFSST, SFSD, and SFSDT Series); .100” Pitch Mini Mate®, 20-30 AWG (MMSD, MMSDT, MMSS, MMSST, and IPD1 Series); .250” Pitch PowerStrip/40, 10-12 AWG (PESS Series); and 1,00 mm Micro Cable Assembly, 28-30 AWG (S1SS Series). For specific tooling, see the tooling workbook.

fourstar-tooling-workbookThis will continue to allow more successful Fourstar/Samtec collaborations to produce board and cable assemblies for satisfied end-users. The partnership between Fourstar and Samtec allows us to live up to our respective promises of finding a better way to enable technology.

Visually Find Your Solution

Samtec’s “search by picture” product selector is well worth the click to find the connector or cable you need for the job. If you have not yet defined the connectors that best meet your application requirements, you can visit the Samtec website and use the search-by-picture product selector to help you with this process. Of course, the Samtec or Fourstar sales engineering personnel are always available to assist you in this process.

If you have already used the Samtec web-based product selector to define your connector requirements, you are well on your way to your full, turnkey solution. The next step is to forward your cable configuration or sketch to the Fourstar sales engineering personnel and we can walk you through the process of completing your final cable assembly design.

Fourstar partners with leading companies to “find a better way” for time to market, new product introduction (NPI), and design for manufacturing initiatives. Through our VAR program partnerships, Fourstar focuses on finding a better way for you to grow and expand your potential and reach. How can we find a better way for you?

To find out how Fourstar can provide solutions and create new capabilities for your next manufacturing job, contact us for a Prelim Eval to see how we can work together.

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